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Default Chronic leak from '63 CA95 left side engine area

Wanting to ask for tips on how to stop a leak from the left side of the engine on a 1963 Honda CA95?

I have replaced the flywheel gasket numerous times, tried making sure all surfaces were clear, screws torqued down, and putting a little bit of a thin layer of liquid gasket on the fiber gasket itself. But I keep noticing a small leak of oil coming off the outside cover sort of under the points area.

If it isn't the flywheel gasket, the other part I am thinking may be leaking are one of the seals in the clutch/shift lever area. I replaced those seals, but I wonder if I replaced them wrong?

So basically I want tips on how to put the paper fiber gasket on the flywheel area and have it not leak, as well as tips for putting the seals in the clutch and shift lever area and not have those seals leak as well!

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