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  1. To Turbo OR to Supercharge???
  2. D4 Diesel 16V Turbo
  3. True Flow Filters
  4. Rev Limiter Testing my Tacoma 3RZ
  5. 4cylinder or 6cylinder Tacoma?
  6. 2.7L 3RZ Tacoma Add-Ons
  7. How NOT to get screwed by an engine seller.
  8. Intake and Fuel Connectors
  9. Head Gaskets
  10. Fuel System / Lines etc.
  11. Change Your Sparkplugs!!
  12. Information on the Lexus / Toyota UZ-FE Engines
  13. How clutches work.
  14. Making a Custom Bellhousing
  15. Adatronic Vidigauge - Video Gauges for in dash LCD
  16. Innovate LC-1 Wideband O2 Sensor
  17. Cometic Gaskets!
  18. 1UZ-FE Timing Belt Slip