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The Honda CA95 / Benly 150 Restoration The little brother to the CA160 in our family of Hondas

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Unread 11-02-2013, 11:52 AM
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Default Rear wheel washer tongue stud broken off

Getting my CA95 ready to be winterized, and while I was cleaning it I noticed that on the rear wheel sprocket, there are 3 studs that hold washer tongues in place with a nut.

Surprising to me, one of the studs looks like it broke off on the end, the nut is gone, and the washer tongue on that particular spot is not attached anymore!

I really don't want to fight pulling the tire off and on again to fix this, is this a big issue if I just undo the other side of the washer tongue and take it off? I don't see how to fix it when there's no bolt for it to tighten down on to.

I'm planning on just using the center stand for it to sit on all winter, should I use a stool instead to keep the tires off the ground?
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