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Unread 06-02-2004, 08:31 PM
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Well as you can tell by the pictures I have posted recently on the ol website we have been playing around in the sand a lot lately. I really have noticed a big difference in performance with my new BFG Muds over the Bridgestone Dueler tires.

The Bridgestone tires were virtually useless off road anywhere I went. I knew I made a mistake buying those the first time I left the pavement. But now that I chucked those and threw on some BFG Muds everything is fine... even in the sand.

I air down to around 13psi and i can easily go anywhere I want, even in *gasp* two wheel drive. That's right. My truck might be lighter than your average truck but my buddy has a 4wd Chevy 1500 ext. cab and he EASILY goes anywhere he wants on his stock size street tires! No sweat. We even did some 2wd synchronized sand dancing around each other in our trucks doing doughtnuts. As long as you air down and your tires have some decent sidewall flex you won't have a problem.

Heck, I saw a couple crazies cruising around in the sand in passenger cars with bald tires! I also saw more than a couple mud rigs out there with bald Super Swampers and they were doing just fine. The contact patch area is much more important than an aggressive lug pattern anyway.

We also stopped to help out a kid who got stuck way in the back of the dunes in his 2wd Jeep Grand Cherokee. I couldn't believe he made it that far in the first place. :blink: He said he just wanted to get up over this one dune so he could go to the bottom, turn around and drive back to the beach. YEAH RIGHT! I informed him that if he he tried a turn around at the bottom of that bowl that his situation would go from cruddy to hopeless real quick.

So just use common sense, hold your momentum over the tops of dunes and DON'T turn around at the bottom of a sand bowl and you will be fine. As you can see in the Memorial Pictures Section, the two stuck pictures were of people that didn't carry any speed over the tops of the dunes.
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