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So as of now I have a Yuasa battery that is 3 months old. I haven't installed a Yamaha relay for the starter yet. My bike seems to be holding a charge well now that I removed the dumb black box that was supposed to be a tail light signal integrator but never worked. I also found a very tiny open sliver in the wire that was near the positive connector on the battery cable. I don't think it was arcing or anything to ground out but I made sure to wrap it well with electrical tape.

After the bike wouldn't start last Saturday I put it on the Battery Tender while I removed the black thing and wrapped up the cable with tape. The Tender didn't turn to the green (full charged) indicator until about 6-7 hours later. So it needed a pretty good charge to get back to optimal. The next day I unplugged the Battery Tender and it started up FAST. All day long it started up multiple time just like it should. I've ridden it a couple times this week and I haven't put it on the Battery Tender yet since Saturday. I'll check the voltage with a meter before I ride it tomorrow just to check it.
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