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Not that anyone cares out there but you never know. I have mastered the art of brake caliper cleaning! The easiest way to clean brake dust is to use acid and to rinse the acid dust off with a spray water bottle. About the best acid for the job can be found in Mag Wheel Cleaner made by companies like Eagle 1. This stuff comes in a acid resistant squirt bottle (acid ruins regular bottle pump mechanisms pretty fast) and it's thicker than usual so it can foam out a little when you pull the trigger fast. This allows the acid to stick to your work so that it just doesn't roll off like water.

Just grab an acid brush and cut the bristles down to about a centimeter so they poke in small places easier than they would if they were long. I buy acid brushes from Harbor Freight in packs of like 50 pieces for $2.00 maybe? They are really cheap. Finally super clean brake calipers. They look like a million bucks when they are spit shine clean. I went ahead and cleaned off the pads and retainer pins as well. I didn't even use gloves. I recommend some but I was in a hurry and as long as you keep spraying the brake dirt off with water the acid doesn't have a chance to get a hold of you.

Acid dilutes SUPER fast with water so when your hands are wet you won't even feel it. Just work fast. I wouldn't leave raw acid on the parts so when you spray some on there don't let it work for more than 15 seconds before you start cleaning. Then when you are done brushing the dust off just spray with the water bottle quickly and it washes away extremely fast. It's pretty amazing and MUCH faster and better than using Brakeleen spray. USE EYE protection. It's sooo easy to get pressurized brake cleaner in your eyes from sprayback and acid can fling off your brush as well. I would rather get acid in my eye though... it dilutes instantly with the water and won't hurt nearly as much as Brake Cleaner Spray.

Check it out:
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