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Default Aprilia Mille HID Projector Installation

I came across a few HID projectors headlight housings recently which just made me start thinking about installing one in my Aprilia headlight housing. I just couldn't help but want to make the HID light on the front of my bike cast out further down the road. The way I did it with just the installation of the HID bulb in the factory enclosure worked OK but I needed to adjust it upwards so that I could see further down the road. Plus it had a lot of glare all over the road up and down. People didn't flash their lights at me or anything but the beam just wasn't refined like all of the newer cars out there these days.

So enter the projector lens. I just knew that I would be able to find one someday and cut a big hole into the housing to make it fit. And that's basically all I did. The main problem a person might have is removing the headlight front lens so that you can go ahead and start cutting the big circle section out. The clear front plastic lens on the front of the Aprilia Mille housing is held in VERY well by a rubber/silicone type window sealer. This stuff is probably applied with a little heat from the factory to allow it to completely seat and flow between the two pieces as they are pressed together. The housing needs to be heated up in an oven and carefully separated. The separating process is very difficult and you will be cutting up your headlight assembly and drilling holes into it if you want to do this. Of course you shouldn't do this to a perfectly good headlight so keep your eyes open for a used one on the forum or even a damaged one for cheap!

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