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So here is what you see when you actually remove the fuel sending unit and inspect it. Unless you have a really clean mirror and plenty of light you wouldn't be able to see this without removing it. But here is the whole cause of the Nissan Xterra fuel system problem. This is why your Xterra will one day just crap out and die on you in traffic somewhere on the road when you least expect it. The truck will be running just fine and then the engine will basically just stop running as you pull over on the side of the road clueless. I've seen lots of different brands of fuel pumps die and fail in other lesser quality vehicles but this is just a small flaw that will do the same thing... leave you stranded on the side of the road wondering how much THIS is going to cost you.

I'm not very happy with my dealerships response to the problem. Their response was basically, "no no there isn't any recalls on your truck I put the VIN into the computer system and nothing came up." Yeah NOTHING at ALL? NO RECALL OR SERVICE BULLETIN AT ALL?? That's odd because if you boot up an ALLDATA computer it will show you all sorts of issues that require updated parts and recalls.. interesting.

I've been meaning to call Nissan North America up and have a talk with them. I've heard of another person who called corporate and they promptly reimbursed the monies that he had to spend to have the problem fixed. I'll update things when I have a chance to call them myself
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