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So let's get the rear Ohlins installed. First of course you want to take all the body work off the bottom and sides of the Aprilia. Scratching any of the stuff will ruin your day and it's super easy to take off. Next you need a metal rod to run through the motorcycle frame to hold the bike up. I found one this morning and cut it to length enough so that the jack stands would easily hold it up from each side. I just raised the bike on the Lockheart Phillips rear bike stand I have and set the jack stands to both sides to hold the bar. Then you just simply remove the rear bike stand and it should easily come to rest on that stands off of the ground.

The metal rods bowed a little bit but it was still really stable. I then removed the rearsets with a 10mm to gain easier access to the area. You simply remove the 15mm nuts that hold the triangle shaped linkage and get ready to pull out the long bolts that hold it all together. I jiggled the rear stand under the rear swingarm spools which took the pressure off of the linkage bolts. This easily let me pull them out. Then the top of the shock is held in by a 15mm nut on an allen bolt. The bottom is held by the same. A basic ratchet, extension and sockets were all I needed.
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