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So the JB Weld is really holding. I gave is an 80% chance in my mind that the JB Weld would actually hold up to some hard riding. Well last Sunday was the test. We hit some back roads pretty hard for a good day of riding. The road had so many elevation changes in some sections that I got punched in the stomach a few times by the fuel tank. If the JB Weld can hold that well to the plastic right next to the front of the fuel tank mounting area... that's pretty good!

I might take some extra precautions when I put the big ol OGIO tank bag on but that's down the road a little ways. I'll probably make sure I don't put too much weight in the tank bag as well. No wheelies with weight on the tank for sure.

There are some people here and there that have mentioned that they have used JB Weld on their dirtbike fuel tanks and some have said that it eventually failed and of course this can be attributed to the massive vibrations and probably crashing of the dirtbike. Well I think the JB will hold on the Aprilia fuel tank. I kinda cringe when I fill up but I make sure not to fill up right to the top, that's not too smart anyhow. I'm also very thankful that the Aprilia gets some of the best MPG out of all the bikes that I ride with. I don't even sweat going 20 miles when my fuel light pops on. I was stuck out in the middle of nowhere when I left for a test run and I made it back running on the fuel light for about 25 minutes! The other day the low fuel indicator came on and I just kept going another 20 miles to my favorite fuel stop in the next town down the coast without a problem. The Aprilia is really good on fuel. :lol:
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