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SO I had a great Sunday yesterday out ridin around with the guys. We had a very good ride with no problems other than my bike not wanting to start one time when it was hot. The Aprilia doesn't want to start, stop, start too much when it's hot. I've been warned that the relays go out BUT one time I actually noticed that my battery cable had vibrated loose! MAKE SURE YOUR BATTERY CABLES are nice and tight and I'm actually putting some lock-tite on mine! Anyhow life is good.

You might have read elsewhere on my forum of the lowside wreck that I had while whipping into a turn. I have hit that turn just as fast on other bikes with GP tires so I really had to sit and think about what caused the slip. I remember everything to the exact detail as my adrenaline was pumping overtime. The suspension was basically too soft and I bottomed out the front end. I'm here today to mention once again that my crash was in no way related to the Dunlop Qualifier tires I was running. After yesterdays very spirited ride I am totally confident in these Dunlop Qualifier tires that I have been running. Here is a picture of the finishing blow that I put to these tires over the weekend. I was really surprised at how well they worked even when I wore them down to nothing! I went into a corner SUPER hot while I was following a friend on his Triumph Speed Triple as I thought (as well as he thought) that he knew the road up ahead over a blind crest in the road. Well we both stuck our feet out like we were both about to do some flat tracking! And we almost did but we just whipped it through the turn and soldiered on. I absolutely love these tires but I'm moving on to some GP skins as extra insurance.

I had NO room left on this tire to push any harder through that turn! Walking a tight line indeed. =o Thank goodness for the Aprilia's super fine handling and these Dunlop Qualifier tires holding in there for me!

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