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I had a hard time putting on my wheels without cleaning things even more. I'm not really a clean freak but it's easy to do and the bike just looks better and better the more I do it. B) I can't wait to give these a run through some twisty corners. Its just a good thing to see new rubber on the back of your streetbike. I was a fool to be riding on those worn out tires for the past couple weeks. New tires are the best insurance you can have. Go out and buy the stickiest Dunlops you can find. They will save your life.

Don't bash me for not having the Ohlins shocks on yet! I'm getting around to it soon. Oh and if anyone wants to send me a pair of rear brake pads please do. I just found out why my rear brakes weren't working... the pads are non-existent. Boy the previous owner was sure a piece of work. When I picked it up the tires were dangerously low on air which didn't help that front rim. Plus the brakes are trash... I got a cherry of a bike! At least the bodywork is near flawless. That is where you get the real kick in the nuts if you have to replace any of that.
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