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Well I rode around tonight to do a shakedown on my bike for tomorrows riding. I posted some info in another forum and thought I would repeat it here FYI.

I recommend playing it safe and finding a used HID ballast and bulb from a Lexus or Mercedes. Runs cool and it gets people attention even in the daytime. I have yet to see any oncoming driver flash me at night. If I want to see up in the trees overhead at night time I'll hold my bright light trigger on back roads. Some day I might try some of those Chinese ultra compact HID light ballasts for the two high beam lights.

These are a great mod for safety IMO. I'm not one to put blue lights on just to look cool either. I just want to see at night time. The Suzuki V-strom lights still have more light with it's huge reflectors. I can't believe how much light is projected out in front of my friends with just regular bulbs! I would love to see what kind of light would come out of the V-strom headlights with HID's installed. Of course they would have to be set up a little different because the high and low switch meakes both lights run low.. and then it changes both lights to high on "high beam". With the Aprilia it runs one light at "low" and then it turns on the upper lights for "high beam".

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