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So this evening I had a chance to move things around a little in the garage and get the Aprilia ready for some serious work. I'm getting pretty motivated now that I have parts to work with. Among the long list of parts to change out is one of the Sato Racing rearset pieces. I wouldn't dare try to press the aluminum back as it's a pretty strong piece, not worth the effort. I'll be ordering a new piece from Sato to make it all good and safe again.

Bellypan (coming off tomorrow) is still on so I could see if anything was bent compared to it. The exhaust looks amazingly straight so that's a good thing. I got a weird dent on my swingarm that I thought was from the pipe being punched into it from the impact. But the pipe wasn't even touched on the inside so that wasn't what dinged the swingarm. Whats done is done.

Not that I have made much progress but it feels good to get set up. I should have the whole back section done this weekend. I want to disassemble the whole subframe assembly and run all the wires back through with new ties.

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