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I see a lot or people asking questions about synthetic oil in motorcycles so I thought I would post some of my thoughts on here just to explain my opinions some. In response to someone asking about using synthetic oil in the Aprilia Rotax 990 V60 engine:

Anyone run synthetic? The manual recommends a non-synthetic oil. Has anyone experienced clutch slippage issues?
10-40 Repsol Synthetic here. My clutch slips because it's worn out (I took it out and sanded the plates down for fun) and I have a new one on the way. The oil didn't cause any additional slippage. I'm going to run the same oil with my new clutch and I know there won't be any problems. Don't worry about it.

I'll take my chances with the full synthetic. I've run so many cars and motorcycles on synthetic and haven't had one clutch slip yet. Haven't had one engine ever give out either which is a bonus.

I've never seen an engine fail because of one or the other... it's the dummies that don't check their oil that cause that. The dealers probably don't want to take the chance of clutch slippage when you instruct them to put synthetic in it. I could see that happening to them and the customer demanding a new clutch or something dumb like that.

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