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I thought I would throw this link in my thread. It talks about the build characteristics of HID lights compared to Halogen bulbs. My HID light in my bike throws a nice wide arc of light out in front of me at night but the distance isn't as long as I would like it to be. I'm going to adjust my light a little bit but I'm almost considering installing some tiny driving lights somewhere. Well actually I would like pencil beams lights to throw it out as far as possible. I found this link while a gentleman was discussing this subject after his own HID conversion. He just doesn't get the distance with his HID kit installed so he's probably going back to Halogen.

This is a great read to increase your knowledge about HID light patterns:

A few people have chimed in to encourage this touring style rider to adjust his HID's for better vision. They made good points about how oncoming traffic notices HID motorcycles much better and they don't get as close as a result. I feel this is a great advantage. Anything that allows me to be seen more is a great plus. Another guy also pointed out how HID's light up reflective tape and signs much brighter. This is also true. I can see road signs three times better with my HID bulb installed. The best thing I think I could do it install some PIAA pencil beam lights in addition to my HID low beam.
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