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The Aprilia Mille has bodywork that completely covers the whole engine and bottom of the bike. The best thing to do it take the side panels and belly pan off the motorcycle and then go ride it around to warm the oil up. Make sure and put all the bolts and loose fittings that might come off in a Zip Lock bag so you don't lose them. More oil will drain out faster with warm oil than hot of course. It's much more comfortable to take the bodywork off of a cold Aprila than a hot one! So when you come back from a short ride on your naked Mille you can just pull up and drop the oil quickly.

No matter what I'm working on the first thing I do when changing the oil is CLEAN all the dirt or whatever from around the oil plug and the oil filter cover. The inside of the engine is the cleanest area on your whole bike so keep it that way. Dirt will mess up any sealing surface or bolt threads when you put things back together so grab some WD-40 and hose the surrounding areas off. You can also dilute some degreaser in a spray bottle and soak the grime and then brush it off and rinse with water. It only takes a couple minutes.

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