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Smithers 02-11-2009 09:01 AM

Owning a Twin and Mille Maintenance
A little about owning a Rotax powered Mille as opposed to an inline 4. A lot of people are hesitant to buy a V-twin and getting a test ride on one is nearly impossible. You really need some seat time on one to appreciate the engines power as you won't be comfortable with it until 2,000 miles later. You might think you can understand the power band but you will still be learning how ot make it work for you for many miles more. And don't forget about engine braking. There is a lot more of it with a V-twin and you will learn not to let off the throttle so quickly entering turns.

They are an awesome bike and I encourage anyone who has a set of tools and can do basic work on their bike to get one. They are selling for pennies compared to their very high original price and they demanded a high price because they were worth every penny. The bikes are VERY strong, have a dry-sump oiling system, one of the best engines ever made, stronger (thicker) body panels than any other bike out there and they really put some of the best engineering into their frame and swingarm while at the same time making them a work of art to look at.

Smithers 02-11-2009 09:13 AM

Handling and power:
The engine power when racing around on the street is not exactly for rookies so be careful. The inline 4 bikes are much easier to learn how to ride fast as they are more forgiving. But then again the Aprilia handles SO much better than the other bikes that it will probably save your butt when things get over your head. They really handle that much better than other bikes. I had a Suzuki TL1000R that I sold because they just don't handle well no matter how you adjust things (rotary rear suspension I won't go into details). I loved the V-twin power and finally bought the Aprilia... much better bike. Watch your throttle control in slippery conditions and you'll be better off with the better handling (safer) Aprilia.

As far as maintenance just make sure you ride it to keep the battery charged, check tires (always keep fresh quality tires on for safety), lube chain, properly check and change oil... that should do it. I also recommend taking out the rear shock every 7-10,000 miles to inspect the bolts and linkage. They will need new grease at that point so that it continues operates smoothly. The forks will need new oil at that point as well if you want to keep the bikes suspension in good shape. If you don't do the upkeep on your suspension then it won't work as well as it should and performance will suffer. All this advice goes for all bikes though so it's just common sense. The only difference being that if you neglect these things the Aprilia is much more expensive to replace any broken parts. The engine is super strong and will not break unless you neglect the oil and filter OR you don't fix the weak points of the charging system. The starting system can damage the starter (sprag) clutch if some of the connectors aren't replaced over time but if you replace them you won't have a problem. The regular service stuff is just as costly as every other brand out there BUT if you are a person that trusts your favorite bike shop to work on their Aprilia you need to keep a close eye on them. The oil needs to be measured when you fill up the engine's oil to get it right. The only time to check the oil level is when you get done with a 10 minutes or longer ride. That is the only time that the oil is at the correct level in the oil lever indicator tube.

Also for people that take their Aprilia to a shop to have it worked on: The Aprilia Mille is equipped with some of the best fasteners, bolts, quick change Zues connectors and allen screws. MAKE NOTE of where they are located on the bike and MAKE SURE they are in the same place when you get your bike back from being worked on. They are a few bucks each and they are unique to your motorcycle. The dealership (unless they are an Aprilia dealership like AF1) will not have any of the same nuts and bolts laying around and might leave them off (like 3 out of the 5 shops around me) or they will use a cheaper replacement that isn't the correct length or that doesn't have the right shoulder on them. That sucks and just isn't right. So take a minute and take some pictures of your bikes details in case there are any issues when you take your bike to have anyone but you work on it!

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