View Full Version : Rear Wheel Drive Is Where It's At

07-17-2004, 02:52 PM
Acura NSX - any year -
No this isn't my car yet but it will be. I don't know why... but no car is more beautiful to me. The best NSX Tuners I have come across are Comptech USA (http://www.comptechusa.com/) and the #1 Science of Speed (http://scienceofspeed.com/). These guys throw down with some serious rides.

Ok here is my fav NSX wallpaper (http://fourwheelperformance.com/phorum/blue_nsx01.jpg) and if you really want to see some sweet NSX's report to the Pictures Section (http://fourwheelperformance.com/pictures.php) of this website and have a look around. They aren't hard to find at all! I actually had a chance to check out the exact same NSX as is in the wallpaper I just posted above. I have already posted a couple pictures of it in the International Auto Salon (http://fourwheelperformance.com/ias_2004.php) section. Those wheels really make that car.

I was out at the Sport Compact Car Speed Challenge recently and had a chance to chat it up with Science of Speed and a couple other tuners about thier NSX race cars. I should post the pictures from that event. If you want to check out the full write up make sure and pick up this months Sport Compact Car Magazine (http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/). NSX... Mmmmmmust have one.