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06-09-2008, 07:15 AM
Besides a newer Ducati I've ridden allll sorts of bikes, other Milles, Falcos, all the Jap bikes, Busas etc etc and owned a TLR1000 for about 10k miles. My current RSV is the best all around package I've found. The suspension is A+. The brakes are Brembo... Can't get Brembos to work well? The problem isn't with the calipers. My bike has a small 40 tooth sprocket and still keeps up with my friends. I like to mess around a lot, wheelies, bunny hop cross streets and pitch it back and forth every chance I get. With the torque from the engine I have a lot of fun. You don't have to pay that close of attention to what gear you are in. Just turn the throttle out of the turns and it pulls no matter what. It spins the back tire all the time if you want and breaks it into smoke at a standstill with barely any throttle at all. Just throw some sticky tires on and you are good to go. And for hauling passengers torque is important. The only other V-twin I've ridden with similar power was my TLR with the Power Commander and Pipes. It was allllmost as powerful, easily enough to satisfy but the suspension was not good at all. Without a doubt you feel like you are sitting on top of a plank on the TLR, wide seat and all. The Aprilia has an aggressive riding position for sure and it WILL give your midsection a workout so it's a good thing actually. You can get risers to let you relax your back some also.

My favorite thing about my RSV besides the sound? The windscreen. Even the stock one offers much more wind deflection than all those other Japanese 1000's out there. The R1 and GSXR are a joke in this department. The Aprilia has better wind protection for a superbike and looks great. The nearest dealer to me is a couple hundred miles from me and I'll probably never need them. I wouldn't trust anyone to work on my motorcycles or risk them scratching anything.

No matter what, riding any Aprilia you will get attention. I hope you like talking to people. They are going to be commenting on your new bike wherever you go. When I stop for a break or for coffee whatever, it seems that people either think it's a space machine or they are enthusiasts and want to talk about it. It's all part of the fun and awesome, unquestionable performance that you will not have on another brand. The Ducs cost a lot more and be similar in speed but damn you have to work on the engines so much. I have a friend with a Duc S4 bike and it costs him a grip of money every time he has to do anything to it and the valves are making noise again.... time for him to get out his trailer and his wallet to take it to a mechanic!!! LOL.

I ride a 2000 RSV (soon to be R) and your's will be even better. Don't be in a hurry if you are out there shopping for an Aprilia. Aprilias don't move fast from any showroom floor so they desperately want to move them before the next model comes out.

11-24-2008, 10:14 PM
Here is a sweet article by Sport Rider that compares the Ducati 999 vs a Honda RC51 and finally the Aprilia RSV Mille. It's a good read for anyone who is a fan of V-twin sport bikes.


This article talks about all aspects or riding around on the street and track. +1 for Aprilia ergonomics! IMO the Aprilia mirrors are the best ever. They are slick, streamlined and work EXCELLENT for seeing behind you while you are cruising and also when you are crouched down for speed. I think they are amazing compared to some other bikes I have owned and ridden.

12-29-2008, 10:23 AM
Here is a very good breakdown and review of the 2004 Aprilia Mille R. This is a great source of information for anyone wanting to get familiar with the newer generation of Aprilia Mille. Sportbike.com review of the 2004/ newer generation Aprilia Mille (http://www.sportrider.com/bikes/2004/146_04_aprilia_rsv_mille_r/index.html)