View Full Version : Luifan Engine into Honda CT70

07-10-2011, 07:50 AM
A lot of people have been asking me about putting a Lifan 140cc engine into a CT70, like I've done this before. :) I haven't messed with one of these little engines yet because all my Honda engine run fine. But people have been doing this an awful lot and I have seen a lot of evidence of this engine install being pretty easy.

Here is a forum where people have done it: http://lilhonda.com/webboard/f35/1972-cl70-11309/

Here is a quote from that page which sums up if putting a 140cc Lifan into a Honda CL70 or CT70 can be done:
Installing the lifan 140cc went fairly easy, but I did had to grind down the engine a bit where it slides into the frame.
Converting the 12 volt engine volts back to 6 volts went faily easy also. All had to buy was a 20.00 buck rectifier and a wire harness.
I strained my back trying to start the sucker one day. The new 140cc is hard to kick over and sometimes kicks back at you.
I have run about 300 miles on it so far and the engine seems to run better with time and it seems it is getting easier to kick over.
I'm happy