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06-25-2011, 10:17 PM
Ok I've been looking and shopping for battery chargers for a long time now. No battery charger out on the market impressed me at all. I wanted a battery charger that charges ALL type of batteries and I really didn't understand why no one made one that worked with 12 and 6V. Well I found one that satisfies my needs in a battery charger and does much more. The Noco Genuis chargers (http://www.geniuschargers.com) are super high tech and all digital compared to all the other chargers out there that are analog. There is a whole explanation on why digital is a lot better than analog and I might get into this later. But it's a big deal basically. Any other battery charger and tender can actually overcharge and degrade a battery over time because they don't cut off completely when the battery reaches optimal charge. The Genius charges are digital which means they can actually cut off completely on their own until the battery requires more current. There are a lot more reasons why digital is better but this is a big one that is the most important to me.

The whole line of chargers is pretty impressive (and the Genius website is too (http://www.geniuschargers.com/products)!) so go check them out real quick and you will find that they offer REALLY good bang for the buck. Just for kicks check out other battery charger and tender type websites and you won't find half the benefits listed on their site that Genius has. I'll be reviewing the G1100 charger that I have as I have tried it out on a few different batteries in the last month.


06-25-2011, 10:48 PM
Actually today my favorite truck accessories shop had a like new Optima Yellow Top sitting on the bench. I asked them why it was sitting there and they said it was damaged or something because the customers regular car battery charger (aka cheapy Schumacher charger) wouldn't seem to charge it up. I said, "perfect! I have just the thing". I hooked up the trusty G1100 and the "error!" light flashed orange which isn't good. I wasn't sure if the charger would still provide power in that state or not. I didn't have time to leave it hooked up to find out so I grabbed another new battery that I had on hand at the shop. I connected them both with some jumper cables in parallel. This presents a normal charge to the charger so that it operates normally, thus, charging the batteries.


06-25-2011, 10:52 PM
So after a little while the charger showed that it had increased the charge to the Optima so I ran the unit on the Centennial battery for a while to charge it real quick. Then I left the G1100 Genius Charger (http://www.geniuschargers.com/G1100) connected to the Optima for the rest of this weekend. I think it should work out great and we'll install the battery in the customers vehicle and get feedback from them in the future.

The other charger in the shop is an industrial quick charger which doesn't charge batteries nicely at all. It is a quick and dirty charger that isn't meant to recover, condition or anything fancy.


06-25-2011, 11:09 PM
Here we are back at the mancave where many motorcycles have been brought back from the grave. And you know what that means.... lots and lots of batteries both 6V and 12V! Batteries in motorcycles have always been a nuisance ever since I was a little kid. You can't just let them sit around without being used. They will fade away and need to be replaced. I've used tenders but they are just a dump solution to the problem. I haven't seen tenders improve the operation of a battery so I'm pretty interested to see if the Genius charger can maintain older style batteries that I obtain in different motorcycles. I don't expect to bring anything back from the dead but I know I have had to replace batteries that could have been "saved".

Another reason I really like the G1100 is because it works for 6V and 12V. This is an awesome maintainer for a motorcycle guy who doesn't want to buy separate chargers. Any motorcycle battery that is 6V can be charged within minutes so buying a separate charger is annoying because you don't need to use it for very long at all. Plus having multiple batteries mean more cords and clutter. Having an all-in-one is pretty neat.