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01-23-2008, 11:44 PM
Yeah just think about it. Allll that money for a new Aprilia Mille and you are STILL getting the same HP as the 2000 model. Even if you throw a couple thousand in parts and another 2 grand in tuning computers its still the same HP. I would simply get chastised in the forums that I frequent but I would just like to let people know that if you want some serious bang for the buck just go with the older versions of these Mille RSV and Mille RSVRs IMO. Aprilias just aren't out on the racetrack to WIN WIN WIN simply because they cost too much to upgrade/maintain and the cheaper bikes are winning on the straights. But on the street the Mille is a killer in the right hands no matter how you look at it. So you got a new model? Well you are the only one that knows it. Anywhere you ride people will basically think you are riding a spacebike no matter what year of Aprilia you are on. 99% of the population isn't familiar with any year model so to them they all look the same.


Yes I would like to have a shiny new bike but if something breaks on it or the body work gets damaged you have to pay for some super inflated prices. Even if you don't mind shelling out the money for the replacements it takes a long time to get them. Now if you opt for the older models you get the same performance and there are lots of used parts floating around out there for much less money.

Have a read over here at Motorcycle USA's website and read what they have to say about the new 2008 Mille RSVR. 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R vs Ducati 1098S (http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=5489&Page=1) Hell yeah they like the bike BUT they make it clear that it just DOES NOT CUT the mustard when it comes to power. The competition (Ducati and of course the inline-4 bikes) just absolutely smoke it down the straights and anywhere that power is king. They simply state, "Despite the fact that the motor sounds raucous and ready to go, it doesn't exactly come on with authority compared to the 1098S - and that's where it loses the ground it gained in the corners." Make ground in the corners and lose it and more in the straights.... yay. I know that the target market for these bikes is the professional male that buys a new bike every year but sheesh, it's just not a smart buy at all unless they sneak a new engine in the frame SOON. If I see an owner of a new Mille R I would have to ask him what possessed him to buy one, seriously.

Now where is that new V4 Aprilia Mille engine?

01-23-2008, 11:58 PM
To further embarrass Aprilia make sure and watch the new model comparison video of both the 2007 Mille RSVR and the Ducati 1098s. For some reason it wouldn't play correctly from their webpage so I pasted the streaming feed from their website into Microsoft Media Player to watch it.

Ok *update*
Video #1 of Track Comparison:
Click Here to Open A Window to Watch The Video - Internet Explorer Window must be deafault browser. (http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Video_Player.aspx?Vid=07_1098_vs_rsv1000r.wmv&Cap=2007+Ducati+1098+vs+Aprilia+RSV1000R) Or Copy and Paste this into an IE window: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Video_Player.aspx?Vid=07_1098_vs_rsv1000r.wmv&Cap=2007+Ducati+1098+vs+Aprilia+RSV1000R

Video #2 of Dyno and Drag Strip Comparison:
Click Here to Open A Window to Watch The Video - Internet Explorer Window must be deafault browser. (http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Video_Player.aspx?Vid=07_1098_rsv1000r_performance .wmv&Cap=2007+Ducati+1098+vs+Aprilia+RSV1000R+-+Performance) Or Copy and Paste this into an IE window: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Video_Player.aspx?Vid=07_1098_rsv1000r_performance .wmv&Cap=2007+Ducati+1098+vs+Aprilia+RSV1000R+-+Performance

I was just shocked to see the reality. The Aprilia is extremely short on power and the power that it does have MUST be used at 8,500 RPM plus to be effective. Then watch how fast the Ducati builds power from low RPM's. I don't mean to slam Aprilia but rather I hope they speed up R&D on their new motor to give the consumer the performance that they expect to get from Aprilia. I can't wait to see the new engine rip up the track.

Included in this short video is some nifty footage of both the Aprilia Mille RSVR and the Ducati 1098 on the dyno machine and at the drag strip. The picture of Media Player on their webpage shows the bikes doing a wheelie side by side but that is just an extreme tease. Let's see the wheelies!! Well at least they gave us a sweet wheelie shot that is big enough for a desktop wallpaper for your computer. :lol: MotorcycleUSA.com (http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Default.aspx) is awesome. I've been buying my stuff from their warehouses for years.

01-24-2008, 01:04 AM
My ol 2000 Mille simply must make more power than 117 at the wheels. I've ridden enough bikes to know how much 120+ hp feels like and I'm sure my chipped, TI exhaust Rotax is pushing more than that. Not by a whole lot mind you but it's just funny that the 07 was so low on HP. Luckily around my region open roads aren't near as abundant as twisty ones. Thank goodness for that! The Aprilia easily beats any other bike I've ridden on the rough backroads we have around mid state CA. The transitions in pavement and cattle crossings always make me a little nervous with my previous motorcycles but the Aprilia is so fast to react and quick to adapt to different road surfaces that those types of conditions are no longer as much of a threat. I can roll no the gas much sooner than my local inline 4 competition that they simply disappear within a quarter mile when the pace kicks up. The Mille geometry and front brake really let you play around much more than other bikes. Put on some new tires and you will easily enjoy the older Mille as much as the new ones. Radial calipers or not, both generations make for awesome canyon bikes.

Every time I see a corner that would usually cause me to be cautious on other bikes, I just smile in my helmet and smoothly roll on the Aprilia throttle with confidence. It's not just the confidence in the performance but the confidence that if a cow or wild tiger jumps out in front of me I won't be out a couple grand in bodywork to bring the Aprilia back to showroom condition.

02-10-2008, 12:32 PM
Looks like the Aprilia brand is being pushed a little harder this year according to their corporate owner, the Piaggio Group Americas President/CEO Paolo Timoni. They claim a big increase in sales as noted in the following ApriliaUSA press release as reported by www.roadracingworld.com (http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=31367)

Optimism Fueled by Robust 2007 Sales, Expanded Product Lines and Dealership Network and Significant On-Track Accomplishments

NEW YORK, NY –February 8, 2008 – Aprilia USA projects consistent growth in the year ahead, following a 2007 performance that saw retail unit sales increases, continued expansion of its product line, growth in its dealer network and championship performances in on-track competition.

“In many aspects of our business, we achieved a very positive performance in 2007,” explained Piaggio Group Americas President and CEO Paolo Timoni. “This momentum, which built through the course of the year, has generated a significant amount of excitement and optimism for the year ahead.”

Based upon MIC data our Aprilia motorcycle retail unit sales increased by 29 percent in 2007 driven by the Tuono 1000 R Factory, which earned industry acclaim by incorporating the technological and performance capabilities of the unrivaled naked race bike into the most powerful Tuono ever offered to motorcycle enthusiasts and the street legal version of the high performance SXV and RXV off road motorcycles. Later in the year, Aprilia again generated industry attention with the debut of the SL 750 Shiver, the first all-new, middle-weight V-Twin to debut from the company’s Noale, Italy factory. Scheduled to reach dealerships in the first quarter of 2008, Shiver combines aggressive looks and exceptional performance capabilities with new technological advances, highlighted by the first in segment application of ride-by-wire throttle control technology.

Aprilia’s U.S. scooter retail unit sales, which rose 56 percent over the 12-month period, were aided by the addition of two models: the newest and most powerful addition to the Scarabeo family, the 500 ie, and the sophisticated, urban-dwelling SportCity 250.

Responding to increased demand for new and carryover models, the Piaggio Group added more than 40 Aprilia dealerships last year, with additional new locations projected for 2008. Excitement for the brand should be even more pronounced in 2008, when dealerships take delivery of the new SL750 Shiver. “This newest addition to the Aprilia family has generated a tremendous amount of excitement from our dealers and well as motorcycle enthusiasts,” Mr. Timoni said. “It puts us in great position for additional growth in 2008.”

In the motorsports world, the Aprilia SXV 5.5 was victorious in the first four rounds of the AMA Supermoto Unlimited Class and went on to win the team and rider’s championship with Benny Carlson leading the way. The brand also claimed the Sun Trust MOTO-ST Series championship, as the Lloyd Brothers team, aboard a pair of Tuonos, earned first or second-place finishes in five of the six races.

About Aprilia and Piaggio Group Americas

Aprilia world headquarters are in Noale (Venice, Italy). Founded in 1962, the company designs and manufactures motorcycles in Noale, with additional production facilities in Scorzč. With 36 motorcycling world championship titles (30 road and 6 off-road) under its belt, Aprilia is the only European manufacturer to have a complete on- and off-road model portfolio, ranging from sporty scooters, innovative off-road bikes and tough adventure tourers to award-winning super sport bikes. For information on Aprilia's complete U.S. model line, visit the company's website at www.apriliausa.com.

In December 2004 Aprilia became part of the Piaggio Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of two wheelers and one of the world's most recognized and respected names in motorcycle and scooter production.

With over 6,700 employees, an annual production of more than 680,000 vehicles, 5 R&D centers, 7 production facilities in Europe and Asia, and operations in over 50 countries, the Piaggio Group has a consolidated leadership in the European 2 wheeler market. Its production includes scooters, motorcycles and mopeds in the 50cc to 1,200 cc displacement range, marketed under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi, Aprilia, Scarabeo and Moto Guzzi brands.

That's great news for us Aprilia owners! Now hopefully they will release that new engine to the world so we can play with the big guns out there.

02-10-2008, 12:34 PM
Here is some interesting information about the Aprilia Company History (http://www.aprilia.com/company04.asp?lin2=eng). They have a profile of their company up on one of the links but it doesn't seem to work right now. At least this page is in English. :lol:

The Aprilia website is a little slow (at least for me here in the states) so give it a chance.

02-10-2008, 12:42 PM
I can't wait for more information on the new V4 Aprilia Mille engine. This isn't a new article but it outlines the fastest limited race editions that are currently available. I found this article on www.Motorcycle.com (http://www.motorcycle.com/news/news1146.html).

It basically outlines the features and specs found on the Colin Edwards Replica edition Aprilia RSVR. 147HP (up from the RSVR standard 130hp) isn't too shabby at all. But everyone is waiting for more from the new V4.

May 28,2003
Aprilia USA Announces Limited Edition 147-HP Colin Edwards Replica Bike and Exclusive Customer Riding Experience

Limited edition racer replica comes standard with a unique customer care package—a chance to mix it up on the track with “The Texas Tornado”

Woodstock, GA (May 27, 2003) – Aprilia USA is getting the holeshot on the 2004 model year with the debut of a limited edition 2004 Colin Edwards Replica RSV Mille R. Only 50 editions of this race-bred superbike will be available to U.S. customers, with total worldwide production limited to 461 bikes. This exclusive machine embodies decades of racing success and celebrates the inimitable style of Aprilia MotoGP factory racer and 2002 World Superbike champion Colin “The Texas Tornado” Edwards. The aggressive design and sponsor graphics package is inspired by the revolutionary Aprilia/Alice (pronounced Ah-li’-che) GP-1 machine, currently being campaigned by Edwards on the global 2003 Grand Prix circuit. Offered at $19,399.00, the Colin Edwards Replica is scheduled to go on sale at the end of May 2003.

Customers who order their limited edition motorcycle by July 31 also receive a thoroughly unique factory accessory—an exclusive track day with Colin Edwards, at a location to be announced. “There’s nothing better than meeting fans, so I’m really looking forward to riding with Aprilia enthusiasts on U.S. soil,” said Edwards, who’ll fit the special track day into his grueling 2003 race schedule.

“We have an extremely loyal and enthusiastic customer base, and being able to offer them this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a very rare treat,” said Michael Orr, marketing manager, Aprilia USA.

Race-bred Performance, Aggressive Design and Class-Leading Value

The Edwards Replica RSV Mille R includes a number of standard components and systems that combine not only for an all-new level of performance, but make this limited edition superbike the highest value in its class.

The Edwards Replica features an SBK Superbike exhaust system designed by Akrapovic and Aprilia Racing. First seen on the 2003 Haga Replica, the suggested retail price for this system alone is $1499.99. Another standard performance feature is a new-for-the-U.S. market 57mm throttle body kit and racing carbon airbox, with a suggested retail price of $1999.99. Together, these performance upgrades boost the Edwards Replica’s output to a tempting 147 hp from the stock 130 hp.

The Edwards Replica also continues the Aprilia performance and value tradition by featuring Ohlins front/rear suspension and steering damper, carbon fiber body panels, OZ wheels, racing-inspired radial brake calipers and a close-ratio transmission, as introduced on the 2003 Mille R.

What price performance? The 2004 Edwards Replica RSV Mille R is available for just $2100 over the suggested retail price of a “standard” Mille R. That’s a fact that makes this superior superbike not only the most exclusive Aprilia motorcycle in the U.S. marketplace, but also the highest value in its class.

02-19-2008, 06:47 AM
I'm still waiting for more information or juicy news on the development of the new V4 Aprilia engine. They sure are keeping it locked up tight for now.

12-04-2008, 08:24 AM
New info on the V4 powered RSV4 you ask? Here it be: http://aprilianews.blogspot.com/ This dude really keeps up on the Aprilia news and I check his site all the time.

Now for the really impressive. The blogger above does mention this article and provides a screen shot of the breakdown of the RSV4 but here is the article on the web-magazine itself in all it's glory. It neat to look at so have a look for yourself: http://issuu.com/motorcyclenews/docs/mcn191108/12?mode=embed&documentId=081119101057-49bcf17b38c244b7be4c335661230826&layout=grey

12-29-2008, 10:25 AM
How about the 2004 and newer models? Here is a very good breakdown and review of the 2004 Aprilia Mille R which basically hasn't been changed much in years. This is a great source of information for anyone wanting to get familiar with the newer generation of Aprilia Mille. Sportbike.com review of the 2004/ newer generation Aprilia Mille (http://www.sportrider.com/bikes/2004/146_04_aprilia_rsv_mille_r/index.html)