View Full Version : Honda CL70 Scrambler

12-08-2010, 06:12 PM
These are pretty easy to wire bikes but if you need a diagram PM me. If you lose your key for your CL70 just take the ignition switch off. Then unplug it from the harness and then find a 2 wire switch and connect it into the plug. Just remember which flick of the switch turns it on and off and your ready to ride!

So you don't need a key. If you take the cover off and look at the ignition barrel it has 2 wires and you just would need to wire a switch between the two leads to turn it on and off. I did this to mine. After sitting for years it started back up once I did this. Now it runs perfectly. You can also take the ignition to the locksmith for a new key. They can easily make one.