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  1. To Turbo OR to Supercharge???
  2. Ivan "Ironman" Stewarts Exhaust
  3. 1UZ-FE Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Management
  4. 1UZ-FE to 4wd W59 Transmission
  5. Why is my engine swap taking so long?
  6. Engine Detailing
  7. Starter and Power Steering Pump
  8. Fuel Injectors
  9. Time For Some Cylinder Head Porting
  10. 1UZ-FE Valve Seals FAQ **New & Improved!**
  11. Adaptronic ECU Install
  12. Adaptronic Ignition and Spark
  13. SCRUB That Engine
  15. NEWS! Just obtained a 1996 1UZ-FE
  16. Lexus 1UZ-FE Swaps
  17. Powdercoating the 1UZ Intake Manifolds
  18. Lexus 1UZ-FE Assembly FINALLY
  19. Lexus Starter Change Modification
  20. 1UZ Intake Manifold Installation
  21. Finding an LS400 to buy for the engine & trans
  22. Let's Get This 1UZ Tacoma Swap Started
  23. Toyota Tacoma Fender Supports
  24. Adaptronic Hardware Setup
  25. Adaptronic Software Setup
  26. My Custom Lexus V8 Exhaust
  27. Alternator Wiring Lexus Alt to Tacoma Chassis
  28. How about another 1UZ Swap!?! 3rd Gen 4Runner 5VZ -> OBD-II 1UZ
  29. California Ref sticker DONE!!!!! 1uz to 88 4runner
  30. Custom Transmission Crossmember
  31. Request permission questions about 1UZ-FE.
  32. 1UZ in 88 4runner MAYBE
  33. 1 uz pros & cons?
  34. A Good Video of Millen Motorsports Adapting Manual Trans to Lexus V8
  35. 1UZ-FE Toyota Tacoma Water Temp Guage Install with Pictures
  36. 1uz into Toyota Pickup Race Truck
  37. 1uz with full hydro steering
  38. Lexus/Toyota 1UZ Radiator Install and Coolant Flow
  39. 1uz into a suzuki samurai
  40. Spokes 1999 S10 Long Bed Project